Sunday, March 25, 2007


During my drip to Mexico City (also called the DF, like Washington is called DC) we visited Teotihuacan, once the biggest city in the Americas, a title now held by Mexico City. The city is named for the civilization at its center. Later the Aztecs thought the building were pretty cool and used them as well.

The Aztecs called this the Sun Pyramid, but the Teotihuacans used it to worship the rain god. I think the Tecotihuacans had the better idea, because if I was living in the desert, I would be wanting more rain than sun.

Dan with a Big Freaking cactus. Or is it cacti...

Where is the wheelchair access? Historians say these pyramids were used for human sacrifice. After reviewing the evidence, I think the bodies they found were just people who fell down the stairs.