Thursday, July 19, 2007

Visit from Mom

My mom and stepfather, Larry, came down to visit me in Santiago about two weeks ago. We rented a car for three days and drove all over central Chile. The first day we drove out to Vina de Mar and Valparaiso. The next day we went to Maipú, south of Santiago. We drove on dirt road for 45 minutes until we reach a huge and deep puddle in the road. I was unwilling to risk my rental car deposit on it. The last day we hunted down wineries in between Santiago and Vina de Mar.

The view from Mom and Larry's hotel room.

Another Jump picture but this time in Maipú.

More shoots from Maipú, Chile.

George, Mom and Brendan enjoying the Chilean wine.

The driveway coming into a winery between Santiago and Vina de Mar.

Larry, Mom and I in front of the Cerro Santa Lucia (the Hill of Sant Lucy).


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