Thursday, July 19, 2007

Buenos Aires

This last weekend, Brendan and I flew to Buenos Aires, Argentina for a four day weekend. The city flows with culture and an European attitude. Food and drinks are relatively cheap. My last night in BA I ate and drank $14 of beer and food. In the US this would have easily cost me $60. Inflation in Argentina over the last year was 14%. You can pay for nearly everything in US dollars and ATM give the option of pesos or dollars. While making the biggest government default in history does not help, I can't help to think that prices in Argentina are just normalizing to the rest of the world.

On a random side note: Globalisation at its best....finding the best priced airline ticket on an American travel site, on a Canadian airlines, while living in Chile to fly to Argentina.

The view from the Terrace on top of our hotel. We stayed at Gorriti 4290, a Bed and Breakfast in Buenos Aires. The B&B promised to be friendly, charming and affordable. It came through on all three. I highly recommend it!

Just a random BA street...

Another radmon shot...

This is a chapel converted into a design center. It is in between the Hard Rock Cafe and the La Recoleta Cemetery.

The grave of Evita in the La Recoleta Cemetery. I found it nearly impossible to stand in front it without humming "Don't cry for me Argentina..."

La Recoleta Cemetery is a place where rich families put their dead. The strange thing is there are old coffins in the open air everywhere. I am not sure if this grave was vandalized or just fell apart, but there is nothing protecting the coffin.

Dan infront of a modist grave at La Recoleta Cemetery.

Does anybody else see it? its a scorpion with a gun...just look...

BA has dogs everywhere. Dog walkers and dog parks everywhere too.

I am guessing BA does not have any rules about cleaning up after pets. Walking through the city requires a hopscotch game with dog crap.

Dan and Brendand with the owner of the Gorriti Hotel.

I ate a $7 steak dinner here with the B&B , his wife and fellow hotel residence.

Brendan in the hotel living room.

The dinning area in the hotel.

The B&B owner with Brendan and Dan.


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